Floor Restoration Experts Waikato

Our floors receive heavy wear and tear from all the things we do every day—walking on them with dirty footwear, exposing them to different elements like sunlight and moisture, and dragging all sorts of items from one place to another. As a result, the finish that protects the floor’s surface can begin to fade, making your flooring easier to damage.

Why replace your entire floor when you can still repair it? Let our floor restoration experts in Waikato take care of the spots, stains and any unsightly marks on your floor. Along with our skills and expertise, we use the latest and most advanced tools to make the restoration project a success.


Professional Flooring Restoration

At Walkers Floor Sanding, we take pride in our experience at handling different types of flooring. Be it a single-detached home or an office building, our experts will examine your property to know which floor restoration options are suitable and if your requests are doable with your current budget and flooring.

When your flooring needs some TLC, trust us in bringing back its shine. Contact us for more information about our floor restoration services in Waikato today.

  • Hardwood – This type of flooring may be an appealing choice, but you have to be mindful of its maintenance. From fading, scratches to staining, hardwood is at higher risk of surface problems. Let our floor restoration services save your floors and keep it in good condition for the long haul.
  • Ceramic Tile – Tiles are fragile. Dropping any solid object on them might cause one of the squares to crack, allowing moisture to seep in and increase the chances of mould growth. With our restoration services, we can replace the square right away. If you don’t have an extra stock of tiles, we’ll look for a similar-looking one to install.
  • Linoleum – Restoration is the ideal solution if your vinyl and linoleum flooring is cracking, colouring, curling, fading or has a waxy build-up. Let us help strip, reseal and bring back the original look and gloss of your floors.